Easter Message 2017

Dear Friends,

We greet you with Peace and Blessings this Easter Season. As we celebrate the Resurrection, our hearts burn within us as we see the good work being done by all on behalf of our sisters and brothers in Haiti. We know our risen Lord is with them as they continue to struggle in the poorest country in this hemisphere, scarred by oppression and exploitation. And we are blessed, in our small way, to be part of Christ’s love for the people of Haiti.

We are delighted to introduce two new, exciting communications developments in support of Kay Lasante. We have a new style of e-newsletter, complemented by new updates to our Facebook and our Web page. This is due to a generous offer from a new volunteer, Joe Kohn, a communications professional who resides in and has done work for the Archdiocese of Detroit. Also, we are all excited about a new promotional video being put together at present by Small Forces, an organization from Chicago that provides professional media services at no cost to help non-profit organizations make a change in the world. They came to Haiti to make this video in February. We offer our deep gratitude to John and Pat O’Brien, founders of Small Forces who make this work possible; the amazing creative team who traveled to Haiti with us to film our story: Jamie Fleischel, Cory Lillard, and Katie Prentiss; and Zena Burns who works with Small Forces on marketing and made the initial connection for us. We excitedly look forward to their final product in the coming weeks. You’ll notice a beautiful promotion for the new video below.

In these communications efforts, we see the work of the Holy Spirit. We take heart, too, because they support the vital, faithful contributions that you give to keep the work of Kay Lasante alive. Without your generous financial contributions, the good work happening at Kay Lasante would not be possible. We are deeply grateful for your support and prayers. We hope that you enjoy these updates and continue to journey with us and those we serve.

May the spirit of the Risen Christ bless and be with you now and always.



Bishop Tom Gumbleton
Detroit, MI
Mary Beth Appel
House of Grace Catholic Worker
Johanna Berrigan
House of Grace Catholic Worker