Kay Lasante "House of Health" is a Haitian-operated health clinic and community outreach project serving the Petite Place Cazeau/Caradeux area of Port au Prince, Haiti. 


Our mission is to provide health care services with dignity and respect for those who are marginalized and lack access to care. Kay Lasante's ultimate goal is to provide quality health care services for Haitians by Haitians.

Please watch and share the above video that was produced and gifted to Kay Lasante by Small Forces, a Chicago organization that came with us to Haiti to tell our story.


The vision of Kay Lasante staff and board members is to continue to provide excellent health care, health education, disease prevention and community outreach services:

We will support our staff in fulfilling their individual continuing education goals -- in turn allowing our scope of services to expand so that Kay Lasante will become a full-service community health care center.

We will support our local health network in implementing vaccine programs, nutrition education outreach, and providing supplemental food for diabetic patients and malnourished children. 

We will continue to advocate for whole-person wellness for our patients, by expanding our acupuncture treatment program and developing additional educational materials and classes around holistic health and stress prevention, such as: homeopathic remedies and meditation.


Kay Lasante will serve as a model for other institutions in the way that we provide these services with compassion, dignity, and respect for each person.