Nov 27, 2023

Dear Friends,

We write to share exciting news! The Kay Lasante Clinic in Port Au Prince, Haiti will merge and become a partner of the What If Foundation.

We have been searching for a partner or fiscal sponsor for Kay Lasante Clinic for quite some time. Our opportunity has finally arrived, and we are beyond delighted.

The merger of the two organizations will allow for sustainability of the clinic, will provide oversight in Haiti, and will offer the possibility of continued development of additional services. The merger also creates the possibility of tax deduction status for supporters. 

The What If Foundation was founded before Kay Lasante at the behest of the same beloved priest who implored us to begin the Kay Lasante Clinic – Fr. Gerard Jean Juste. Since its inception, Kay Lasante has been associated with the What If Foundation. Margaret Trost, the founder of the What If Foundation  is a dear friend and supporter of Kay Lasante. Margaret shares, “I am so happy about What If partnering with Kay Lasante. This has been a hope of mine for many years.”

As a partner, Kay Lasante will continue to offer primary health care services in the same manner and in the same location – the Ti Plaz Kazo neighborhood. Kay Lasante health care services will complement the services already provided to this community by What If: food, education, disaster relief, and community support programs.

Members of the What If board and the Kay Lasante board view this merger as a win/win for all involved; most especially the people in need of services in Ti Plaz Kazo. The House of Grace community, Kay Lasante board members, and Bishop Thomas Gumbleton are not going anywhere. We will remain involved.

Members of the Kay Lasante board will become board members of the What If Foundation in order to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of care for Kay Lasante and Haiti.

Moving forward, donations to Kay Lasante Clinic can be made online through What If's website:

On the Donate page, after you've chosen your donation amount, please go to the drop-down box that says Apply My Donation To and choose Health Care/Kay Lasante. 

Contributions may also be made by check, made out to The What If Foundation. Mail to:

The What If Foundation
1569 Solano Ave. # 192
Berkeley, CA 94707, USA

(*On the memo line, please remember to designate your donation to Kay Lasante Clinic)

There are no words to express our deep gratitude for your faithful support, which has allowed Kay Lasante to continue since 2006. Without your generosity and concern for Haiti, we would not be in this wonderful position of being able to assure our staff and the surrounding community that Kay Lasante will continue to be there in their time of need.

We truly appreciate your continued support, especially at this time when the needs are so great.

Blessings and Profound Gratitude,

Mary Beth Appel
Johanna Berrigan
Kara Chambers-Grant
Bishop Thomas Gumbleton
Katie Huynh

Kay Lasante Board