"All you can do is try always to be present, to be there to take part in what God is doing." -Bishop Tom Gumbleton

Kay Lasante is proud to support our staff in continuing their education. Currently four Health Agents attend professional health care programs - Kay Lasante pays for tuition, books, childcare and other related expenses. 

We choose to make this investment for the future of the clinic - in order to provide the best quality care for patients. But, this is also an investment in these individual women, their families, and the community they are serving.


"I work in Kay Lasante because Kay Lasante benefits those who are not well-off, the disadvantaged who don't have the opportunity to go to a large hospital. I'm here to care for all the patients who come to Kay Lasante - in order to advance the project.

I chose to study nursing because it's a profession I have liked a lot since I was young. I didn't have the means to study it. This is what was painful for me after the earthquake -- there were many people who were suffering but could find no one to care for them. This really hurt me -- when I saw all the people who were suffering.

Today, if I know something more -- I must thank Johanna and everyone else who is helping Kay Lasante to find assistance to keep doing the work well. Today, I feel happy because I give my all to the patients of Kay Lasante. This is what made me choose this profession. Thank you."

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"Why am I studying nursing?

I am studying Nursing Science so that I can perform my work better for Kay Lasante, for the community where I live, and for myself.

It's also very important to have a diploma that says that you are knowledgeable in your field.

What a person has to offer is their knowledge in some area - for me, becoming a nurse is what I have to offer. And I would like to

say to everyone who helps Kay Lasante advance further - good work and I hope that God blesses you greatly."

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"Sometimes you pray for something that you really want - God doesn't give it to you and you think he doesn't love you. It's because he doesn't want that for you.

• I was crazy trying to find work - God did not agree because if I had started working in another field, I wouldn't have become a nurse. 

• I waited for a scholarship to study medicine in Cuba, but I didn’t receive it. God didn’t want me to be a doctor, because doctors give orders - they don't wash sores or bathe patients.

• It is nursing that he wants for me, so that I can work directly with patients.

Now, I listen to him and I go where he sends me -- I feel wonderful in what I am doing, because this is my vocation I put my heart in it."

You can find all of Menard's wonderful story on our Blog.

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"My name is Dady Mondestin - I am Haitian, and I live in Petite Place Cazeau. I am learning to be a Laboratory Technician at the Institut Des Soeurs Hyacinthe. 

In learning this profession, I had a lot of financial barriers. Now, thanks to the help from supporters of Kay Lasante, I'm doing it. I'm making a lot of effort to learn well, so that I can help the people and community of Caradeux. I am enriching my medical knowledge and always learning more."

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