"They say that miracles come in small packages and I’d like to think that an acupuncture needle might be exactly what they had in mind."
-Kristin Lahatte, Adminstrator

In early 2011, Licensed Acupuncturist Julia Raneri visited Haiti and trained community health workers in basic acupuncture technique. Four Kay Lasante Health Agents participated in the training, and then began practicing at Kay Lasante and in the field. Over the past two years, they have provided thousands of treatments, as news of the stress relief benefits spread throughout the community. In spring of 2013, the Health Agents received their official NADA protocol certification. 

Every Friday morning at Kay Lasante, we receive between 25-125 patients and neighbors who pay a very small fee to help cover the expense of acupuncture supplies. (This fee is waived if their treatment has been prescribed by the Kay Lasante Medical Director.) They receive acupuncture treatments in a peaceful group setting. For a short time each week, we are able to provide a quiet respite from the demanding pace of life in Haiti. Connecting these treatments with our patients' overall health care/preventive care strategy is important, so they are also encouraged to check their blood pressure while they are at the clinic.

Our staff members look forward to continuing their acupuncture training.  You can help to support this initiative!