Kay Lasante video by Small Forces a finalist for national 'social good' award


Small Forces, a philanthropic media organization based in Chicago, sent a team to Haiti to create a beautiful video about Kay Lasante, released earlier this year. We were so grateful and excited to see the important work of Kay Lasante presented in this way -- but the good news keeps getting better.


Now, the Kay Lasante video by Small Forces is a finalist in a national award program called the Shorty Social Good Awards, which is designed to raise global awareness around the positive impact institutions and causes can have on society.


This gives us another opportunity to thank Small Forces and their team -- our many thanks, again, to John and Pat O’Brien, founders of Small Forces; the amazing creative team who traveled to Haiti with us to film our story: Jamie Fleischel, Cory Lillard, and Katie Prentiss and; and Zena Burns who works with Small Forces on marketing and made the initial connection for us. 


We will keep you updated on how the Kay Lasante video fares at the awards. Meanwhile, you can help by sharing the video, and the good news about Kay Lasante, with your friends.